REVIEW: Listerine Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash


Beauty Bulletin was so kind to select me as one of 50 “savvy women” to try the product out for #2WeeksToBrighterTeeth

I was very excited when the package arrived (see pic above)…So I jumped right in to see the results for myself…not before I got at least one realist’s opinion of course (they weren’t wrong though) – see below

Listerine 2

There were more in the DMs LOL! Grateful for my friends and the truth.

So here goes the review

I must say that I mostly enjoyed using this mouthwash, certainly because it doesn’t burn like regular Listerine. I was really convinced that something would happen because truth be told, Listerine is a trusted brand. After the first week, my teeth had significantly less plaque after food and beverages but I cannot say for sure if my teeth were getting whiter.

By week 2 I was convinced that there was a difference but then I started to react a little, I’m not sure what from exactly but my tongue, inside of lips and palate were certainly feeling somewhat raw. So I stopped using the mouthwash for a few days and the feeling subsided.

I carried on after about a week for another 2 weeks and the feeling in my mouth came back. Which is why I personally cannot repurchase it until I can identify the allergens in it. Other than that I would recommend the product to someone willing to use it correctly – Not to say that I did not use it correctly, the whiter teeth will come from you brushing and then rinsing/gargling with the Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash TWICE A DAY for two weeks straight in order to see the results.

So, personally, I didn’t see my pearly white dreams come true but I actually got to use mouthwash more regularly and tried to dispel some myths, too bad the trial was inconclusive…because you know, allergic reaction.

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R49.95 – 250ml
R74.95 – 500ml

Info from brand & Beauty Bulletin

The new Listerine Advanced White is clinically proven to improve the appearance of teeth, with antibacterial agents and fluoride to cleanse and strengthen them.

It kills bad-breath and plaque-causing bacteria with powerful essential oils, strengthens enamel with fluoride, and it helps to lift stains and shield it from future discolorations.

Listerine® Advanced White Multi-Action Mouthwash uses a non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology to whiten teeth in two weeks.

The mouthwash creates a protective shield to help prevent future stains from forming. It contains three essential oils that kill germs and freshen breath.


Final REVIEW: TRESemméSA Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner 

Hey there, so the trial period for this awesome new range came and went and I now have my final thoughts about it together in my head and soon on here as well. 


As you may (or may not) remember, when I got the package delivered to me I had braids on but that was not going to stop me from getting down and clean hehe. So I used it in my braids and the long and short of it was that I was able to get it through all of my hair and rinse it out, it smelled great and didn’t leave my already dry scalp even drier. 

I eventually got rid of the braids about 8 days later. I washed again. Hmmm that yummy smell… But then at the end of it I was not sure if it was because of the braids or what but I had to wash again because apparently I had product build up. 

I used the shampoo and Conditioner at each wash whereas I generally mostly co-wash. So either this means that the shampoo is so cool that I can use it more often without it stripping my hair or that I HAVE TO use it more often to get it to work for me. 


So final week came and in spite of it being winter I decide to use less product before wash day and protective styling. I suffered through that. I nearly did a chop again. But I stuck it out til wash day came and I used the shampoo once and had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish hehe. 
The verdict is that the shampoo is awesome for medium to clean hair not so much for 4C hair with 2 week old product in it (I’m a busy girl yo). 

The conditioner is bae. I absolutely love it. So much that I went to get more of it. I now have a protective style on so the shampoo is great for the synthetic hair but man that conditioner is to my actual hair what water is to fish. 


You can find the range at Clicks and Dischem (when I actually saw them in the Isles) and when you get there, fill up your basket. Especially with the conditioner.