REVIEW: mark. by Avon Cosmetics – Lipsticks


When Avon Cosmetics released their new beauty brand, mark. By Avon in South Africa, I was curious to find out what it all meant for Avon as a brand. Me being an “Avon Lady” or “Rep” I obviously had to be in the know about the quality of the “new” kids on the block. Truth is I was skeptical because I honestly thought that they had just changed the packaging and stuck a name to it to make a point. I was pleasantly surprised to note that it was an actual thing. They have lipsticks, mascaras, lip-glosses, the works! I was all the more surprised to see that the brand was as big abroad as they had made  it out to seem here at home.

Anyways…on to the review…



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So I am a thick-lipped girl and brightly coloured lipsticks are a lot of the times a “no-no” for me, mostly because it looks tacky and too much. Way extra! But I love that I can use it to lighten a dark lip or create an ombre look with the colours featured in this review, namely Starburst Pink and Rapid Rose. I also love that they create the perfect subtle lip for the dramatic smokey eye that I love.




These lippies are super pigmented. I love that the colour is rich and that they are more moisturising than I expected them to be. I love that (even though I am reviewing just these two colours) there are a lot of colours to choose from, ranging from deep and rich to the light and subtle. They are inexpensive and give you quality that slightly surpasses the price tag. The packaging is uber cool!


These two colours are too light for me specifically, BUT they could work wonders for YOU. Because they are lustrous, they are too thin for me and end up looking cracked, unless I really cake it on. If I do cake ’em on, it looks way too extra. No winning really.

But overall, I’m keen to give all of the colours a chance as time goes by and perhaps I will find my perfect match.


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Like I mentioned in the pros, the packaging is quite edgy and fun and think it moves Avon from a mommy brand to a more hip brand (in my opinion).


I think Avon is on to something with this one. Way to go Avon Cosmetics.


REVIEW: SwiitchBeauty #SlaysForDaysPallette


I recently took a leap and made one of my first local online purchases and needless to say, I was quite nervous. Thoughts such as “Will the product find its way to me?” or “What if they scam me…” and even “What then if it doesn’t work?” I tend to be a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to online shopping but boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I ordered this amazing 35 pot pallette on Sunday morning (5 March 2017) and it got delivered at the intended address on Tuesday mid-morning (7 March 2017). It was securely wrapped and even had my personalised message on there (nice touch!).

I adore the Rose Gold typeface on the box and was pleasantly surprised by how lightweight but stable it is. The colours are highly pigmented and are rich and buttery…whatever that means. They feel great ok! LOL

While this pallette is great (and trust me I do mean it), I wish the colours had names that I could refer to. Perhaps also if there could be refills as well. That would totally earn this product a solid 15 out of 10.


SwiitchBeauty was founded by a fellow South African babe, Rabia, in her “room in the Summer of 2014” and her aim was to create affordable but bomb products that students could be able to buy themselves. You can follow SwiitchBeauty on Instagram (@swiitchbeauty) and you can also visit their website hereĀ SwiitchBeauty

I’m definitely going to be obsessing about this for a little while. xx


Smokey Eye Glitz

Went to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday back home in Cullinan this weekend and well… Any reason to have that snatched face, really.

Absolutely enjoyed this look. Some of the products I used to achieve this look include MAC, LA Girl Cosmetics, Avon Cosmetics and SwiitchBeauty (South Africa). Feel free to comment and share this look and follow me on Instagram @bijouxfaces and I’ll be sure to follow back.

Welcome to Bijoux (Bee-Shjoo) Faces MUArtistry


What an absolute honour it is to do something that I love and have so many people share in the passion. I am really excited to go on this journey of growth, learning and beats for the gawds. Absolutely amped!

Let’s Go!

BijouxFaces is a self startup by self-taught artist, Kabelo Maidi, that offers affordable make-up and beauty services. Based in the east of Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa.