#MOTD – When your part time job is your hobby 

For a very long time in my life, weekends and public holidays were for sleeping in and being absolutely lazy. In the last couple of years (say about two and a bit), I’ve been using the time to capitalise on what I really enjoy doing; hair and make-up for a fraction of what ‘the professionals’ or full time hair and make-up technicians would normally charge.

Here’s the gag… It’s both rewarding and fulfilling plus I never really have to go out there and make things happen, they sort of just do.

Marc Anthony [apparently] once said

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in you life.

This has proven to be true when I think about what I do during my spare time, and perhaps you’re looking for something to bring in an extra income – it might be time to dust off those long forgotten or sidelined hobbies as that could be what is standing between you and a little extra ka-ching to spend.

I get the chance to do something selfish like do somebody’s make up (selfish because pampering people refuels my tanks), making sure that they are satisfied and there is the added bonus of there being a little something I can invest into my business venture.

Let’s look at my recent client 

A smokey eye with some warm tones to accentuate Rethabile’s gorgeous eyes. Using #SwiitchBeauty #slaysfordayspallette and Avon Cosmetics.

I never go anywhere without Concealer tubes by LA Girl Cosmetics – Fawn to highlight and Beautiful Bronze mixed with foundation for the entire face.

Flash test somewhat successful. I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to use my smartphone camera. Results of the flash test where good enough for me. This was a trial run after all.

You can check out more photos on my Instagram page – @bijouxfaces – til next time, ciao bella!


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